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Julina Memorial School for the Deaf

Julina School for the Deaf was founded in 2005, by Father John-Paul Jjumba (the chaplain of the Catholic Social Institute in Bad Honnef, Germany). The School which is in his parents home was founded in memory of his late mother Juliet Nakiyingi.

The school is open to all deaf children, regardless of ideology and religion.

The goal of Father John-Paul's School is to offer the children an education and thus make them useful members of society. In Uganda, disabled children are not recognized by society and are therefore often marginalized by their families. In the case of deaf children and youth, we think that it is very difficult to communicate with them. The most basic concepts are learned when one meets the children, you quickly lose any fear of not being able to communicate because the children also confront strangers with great joy and unprejudiced curiosity.

At the beginning the school counted 16 children, but the number grew rapidly in the vicinity because of lack of such schools in the area. Meanwhile, the school has more than 65 children, who are taught by 10 teachers at present. The school is bursting at the seams, despite great demand no more children can be enrolled.

Julina School for the Deaf is an elementary school like the English school system. It offers lessons from the first grade to the sixt grade (Primary one to Primary six). In addition to the usual school lessons, the older children and adolescents get also practical vocational instruction. This offer includes craft-oriented courses, such as sewing, knitting, carpentry or hairdressing. In addition, the school provides computer classes. Julina School for the Deaf offers these young people a solid education combined with practical training so that they, too, despite their disability can achieve a good basis for an almost normal life.

In the long term the school shall be enlarged, we plan to build a new primary and secondary school. So far there is only one secondary school for the deaf in the whole of Uganda and this is far away.

We have already been able to acquire on favorable terms a piece of land on which we shall build a new school with larger classrooms, kitchen, refectory, dormitories and sanitary facilities and sports ground. To achieve these objective we urgently need your support. Any donation is welcome. We also need your help to support children from very poor families by providing the children school fees, food and school supplies.