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Members-during-the-meeting members-during-their-first-meeting Members-of-the-committee-during-their-first-meeting Julina Memorial School management committee members<br /> Mr. Kasumba Thomas, BED, Diploma in Education, certificate in business studies Mr Kundu Yusuf, Security Man<br /> Mr. Frank Makumbi, ACCA II, B.COM<br /> Mr. Jumba Stephen, Procurement and logistics (Degree)<br /> Mr. Kamya Fabiano, Headteacher Julina Memprial School for the deaf, Diploma in sec. Education, Grade V Teacher Mr. Kizito Zakalia, Lc1 Secretary s.2.<br /> Mr. Yiga Joseph, Certificate in sign language, Bursar Julina Memorial School for the deaf Mrs. Harriet Mulumba, grade III teacher, Farmer Trainner, Diploma in sustainable agriculture, LC 5 Women councilor<br /> Mrs. Kafeero Immacurate Nantaayi, Grade III Teacher, HIV AIDS Councilor. Mrs. Prossy Kasumba Nurse by proffession, HIV AIDS councilor certificate, T.O.T HIV AIDS care prevention and support certificate<br /> Mrs. RosePaul Mwaje, ordinary certificate, Lc1 Chairperson Kiyudaaya, Lc2 Chairperson central parish Ms. Buchochera Olivia, Social work and community development (Degree) Members-after-the-meeting Rev. Fr. Remy Joseph Lubwama

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Inauguration of the members
  3. Communication from the chairperson
  4. Communication from the Advisor/ Fr. Joseph Remy Lubwama.
  5. Head teachers Report
  6. Matter arising
  7. Making work plan for the academic year.
  8. Nomination of sub/ Committees
  9. A.O.B
  10. Closing remarks and prayer.

MIN 01/1/2011
The meeting started with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Prossy kasumba who called for the blessing of the Lord to guide members as they discuss issues.

MIN 02/1/2011
The chairperson of the meeting Mr. Kasumba Thomas welcomed and thanked members for attending the meeting. He told members that the meeting was the first of its kind at the school and enlightened on the need for the management committee. He further asked members to work hard on a non-payable basis.

MIN 03/1/2011 Report from the head teacher.
The Head teacher read a report to all members and promised to type it and give a copy to each and every member. He read names of all members.

MIN 04/1/2011.
Mrs. Harriet Mulumba requested the secretary to make copies of the report to allow members know more details of the situation of the school.

She also requested members to fully introduce themselves and know their place of residence. This was done one by one following each other.

The chairperson read the roles of members.
  • To monitor all school property including land, premises, teachers.
  • Pupil’s performance in Academics, co-curricular activities.
  • School development.
  • Academic excellence
  • Worker’s welfare both teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • School healthy and sanitation.
  • HIV/AIDS Counseling
  • First Aid Kit and Maintenance
  • Immunization of Pupils/ massive.
  • Water supply at school
  • Change of diet
  • Attendance of workers/ teacher and support staff.
  • Calling for general parents meeting.
  • Community awareness of the school.
  • Co-odination of the school to the ministry of education and sports, cultural leaders, District council, foundation body.
Mrs. Prossy Kasumba reacted on the issue of school Matron and said that recruiting of such people should be selective to avoid inconveniencies.

MIN 5/1/2011 Work plan for the Academic year 2012.
  1. There was a need for expansion of Dormitories more especially girls who sleep together and congested members suggested to Renovate the existing rooms serving as staff room, or hire new rooms.
  2. There is a need for constructing bathrooms to separate girls from boys using temporary structures for boys.
  3. A need for constructing a kitchen house.
  4. Improving academic excellence through employing qualified teachers.
  5. Registration of the school with the ministry of education.
  6. School project
    • Gardening
    • Carpentry
    • Welding
    • Tailoring
  1. Constructing a shelter for the Askali near the gate.
  2. To create awareness of the existence of the school to the public to increase the population of the pupil.
  3. Increase of furniture and repair of the existing beds/making metallic beds.
  4. Purchasing of text books and scholastic materials.

MIN 6/1/2011 Nomination of Sub committees.
The chairperson introduced the idea of having two sub – committees as follows.
  1. General purpose committee
  2. Development and Finance committee.

Names of finance committee.
  1. Mrs. Harriet Mulumba Chairperson.
  2. Mr. Frank Mulumba Vice chair person.
  3. Mr. Yiga Joseph Member
  4. Mr. Kizito Zakalia Member
  5. Mr. Kamya Fabiano Secretary
  6. Fr. Lubwama General Adviser.

General purpose committee member.
  1. Mrs. Prossy Kasumba Chairperson
  2. Immaculate Nantaayi Vice chairperson
  3. Mrs. Rose Mwanje member
  4. Mr. Kamya Fabiano Secretary
  5. Mrs. Buchochera Olivia Member
  6. Rev. Fr. Lubwama General advisor.

Members decided to make resolution for replacing Fr. Charles Mubiru who has been one of the signatories to the school bank account.
Mrs. Mulumba Harriet asked members to work/ take their responsibilities fully because the district is going to be very strict on education issues more especially teachers attendance and pupil’s on the reporting day.

MIN 7/1/2011 Concluding Remarks.
Rev Fr. Joseph Lubwama gave his concluding remark to the meeting by first of all thanking the members in the name of board of directors.
He asked the secretary to make file with the district, whenever there is a meeting.
He also asked members to have a file to keep the documents.
He asked the head teacher to provide a document showing the school back ground, he finally sent greetings from Rev. Fr Jjumba JonhPaul who thanked members for accepting this noble duty which is not paid for and finally the chairperson closed the meeting.

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